Spray Request

As a part of our mosquito control program ultra-low volume (ULV) spraying is conducted on a regular basis.  ULV is a common method used to kill adult mosquitoes.  ULV spraying is the process of putting very small amounts of liquid into the air as a fine mist of droplets.  These droplets float on the air currents and quickly kill mosquitoes that come into contact with them.  Spraying typically begins at early evening or pre-dawn when mosquitoes are most active.  We recognize the concern some have with exposure to pesticide and we are committed to using our pesticides according to the FDA approved pesticide label.  Submit a spray request by filling out a request.

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Standing water of any kind has the potential to produce mosquitoes.  Eliminate any standing water that collects on your property....read more. Suprisingly to many, treeholes are another breeding ground for mosquitoes.  The Western Tree Hole Mosquito, Aedes sierrensis is a vector for Canine Heartworm.  For help identifying and treating standing water or treeholes, request a home inspection. 

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Neglected Pools


Pools that are not maintained grow algae and bacteria and are fertile breeding grounds for mosquitoes.  One neglected swimming pool can produce thousands of mosquitoes and infect an entire neighborhood putting you and your family at risk for West Nile virus.   A technician will treat the pool and add mosquitofish which feed on mosquito larvae and stop mosquitoes from developing.  Report a neglected pool by filling out a request.

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Mosquito Fish

Often the best treatment for mosquitoes is to place small fish that feed upon mosquito larvae into the standing water in which the larvae live. The most common fish used to accomplish this is the Mosquitofish, also known as Gambusia affinis. 


The District raises these fish at its facility and provides them to District residents at no charge, providing there is a need. The fish are available for delivery only (no pick-ups). The amount needed will be determined by the technician, who will then plant the fish in the identified water source.  Request mosquito fish by filling out a request. 

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